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Best Wedding Rings

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

Whoever said that picking out diamond engagement and wedding rings is a walk in the park does not know what he was talking about. In picking out these items, you have to be 100% sure that your significant other will adore the one you have selected. The following are some tips you can refer to when find yourself looking for the perfect engagement or wedding band.


1. Consider the style. Is your significant other into those classic, elegant styles? Or is your significant other more into quirky and interesting designs? You know your partner in more ways than one. Why don't you review your memory and determine the styles she most likely will follow? This will help you determine if a simple solitaire ring would do the job or you need to go all out with a large colored stone surrounded by diamond studs.


2. Check the size. It sure is definitely embarrassing if you end up getting a ring that does not fit. The New Zealand Jewellery you choose should not be smaller or bigger compared to what it is supposed to be. This is especially so if you are cooking up an extravagant proposal with family and friends in the audience. But how do you take a measurement without spoiling the surprise? You can take a thread or some similar item that you can wrap around the finger of your partner. You will then need to compare this with a ruler measurement. Or you can simply "borrow" one of the rings your partner already has.


3. Make observations. Observe how your partner behaves or reacts to the rings worn by your friends. You can definitely learn a lot from these observations. Through making observations, you will be able to have a better look at your partner's taste. Take hints on whether your partner likes a friend's ring or has nothing but poor comments to give.


4. Do not forget the band! Most people would overlook this aspect. However, choosing the band is as important as choosing the diamonds or other stones on the engagement or wedding rings new Zealand. Is your partner more into the platinum type? Or will your partner better appreciate the classic gold? If it is gold, take note that this precious metal comes in three different colors. You can tell which one your partner likes best through looking at the jewelry your partner is most frequently wearing.